Pinkies Beauty Therapy

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Nail Treatments

A Manicure or pedicure is a relaxing and beautiful Treatment for the nails, hands and feet. 
Although the treatment is applied directly to the nails, the entire hand and foot actually gets to benefit, leaving your skin feeling revived and moisturised with glossy polished nails.

File & Polish Fingers/Toes (20 mins) £12.00

Mini Manicure (35 mins) £20.00
(Includes File/Shape/Buff/Cuticle Work/Polish)

Luxury Manicure (60 mins) £28.00
(Includes Soak/File/Shape/Buff/Cuticle Work/Exfoliation/Massage/Polish)

Little Lady Manicure/Pedicure  (30 mins Aged 4-12
£10.00 or £17 for both

Mini Pedicure (40 mins) £23.00
(Includes Clippers/File/Shape/Buff/Cuticle Work/Polish)

Luxury Pedicure (70 mins) £33.00
(Includes Soak/File/Shape/Buff/Cuticle Work/Exfoliation/Foot File/Massage/Polish)

Nail Art From £5.00

Gel Nails

Gel Polish is a hybrid between traditional polish and gel overlays, curing in just 30 seconds with a LED Lamp, it provides the ultimate protection and shine.
At Pinkies Beauty Therapy we use GELLUX Gel Polish with over 50 shades to choose from which is scratch and fade resistant and can last for up to 3 weeks!
This is our most popular Treatment and the results are fantastic.

Gellux Gel Polish Manicure/Pedicure £32.00 
(50 mins)

Gellux Removal (including File/Shape/Buff/Polish) £15.00
(30/40 mins)

Gellux Removal & Re-Application £37.00
(70 mins)

Facial Treatments

Getting a Facial at least once a month is quite beneficial to your skin. A Facial Treatment is soothing & very relaxing. Facial massage will increase circulation and the flow of blood, they also aid in detoxification and can help smooth fine lines and promote collagen production, which is the building block of the skin. 
A Facial will cleanse the skin at a much deeper level and the use of creams will leave the skin feeling fresh soft and hydrated. 
A Facial Steamer is used in the Classic Facial, the warm steam softens the surface of the skin to remove impurities, bacteria and dirt from the pores,leaving your skin feeling firmer and more radiant.

Express Facial £30.00 
(30 mins)  Includes Deep Cleanse/Tone/Moisturiser/facial Massage/Pressure Points/Face Mask

Classic Facial £40.00 
(60 mins) Includes Deep Cleanse/Tone/Moisturiser/Massage of Face, Shoulders, Neck /Pressure Points/Facial Steamer/Face Mask

Waxing Treatments

Waxing is generally considered one of the most popular beauty treatments, this is because it creates finer and softer body hair. 
Waxing removes hair from the root, so it takes a longer time for the hair to grow again. This means your hair free, smooth skin lasts much longer.
Here at Pinkies Beauty Therapy we offer the following Hot Waxing Treatments:

Eye Brow's Shape & Wax £9.00
Lip or Chin Wax £6.00
Under Arm Wax £10.00
Forearm Wax £14.00
Half Leg Wax £16.00
3/4 Leg Wax £20.00
Full Leg Wax £24
Basic Bikini Wax £11.00


Makeovers are a wonderful self confidence booster for women and when more to get that, then for a special occasion ?
Not only is it a lovely treat but you can also find out some beauty tips along the way to get that perfect look, that you can re-create yourself at home! 
Your makeover will also include a refreshing Mini Facial to clense, tone & moisturise your skin before your make-up application as well as a primer base to help keep your makeover looking fresh all day & night.
(Please note a brief consultation is required prior to your appointment)

Day/Evening Makeover £45

Bridal Makeover which includes Pre- Wedding Day Consultation £75.00    
Further additional Makeover's within the Bridal Party, such as Mother of the Bride/Bridesmaids will be charged at a discounted rate of £40 each.

Little Lady Mini Makeover £15.00
Add a Little Lady Mini Manicure £22.00 (Save £3.00)

Prom Makeover £25.00 
Add Gellux Gel Manicure or Pedicure £45.00 (Save £12.00)

Spray Tanning

Want a Sunless Tan that develops and gives you a natural glow?
He-Shi Gold Spray Tan solution has been designed to give the ultimate spray tan whilst containing some of the best organic ingredients you can find within the He-Shi self tan range.
A luxurious instant self tanning bronzer, which tans on contact and will last 7-10 days & develops within 6-8 hours.
Our Spray Tan's are lightly fragranced to disguise the smell of tanning.
100% Natural DHA
Paraben Free
Alcohol Free
A Longer Lasting Tan
 Actively Moisturise's The Skin
Anti-Ageing Ingredients
A Delicate Fragrance On The Skin
As Quick Drying As Ever

He-Shi Full Body Spray Tan £20